nothing stays the same 
when you allow it to change

Be the Life of Everyday Individuality 

Release your unconscious obsessions... your addictions to who you once were, to what you once had and even, what you thought was LIFE. 

I had been stirring, pondering, what is the ideal online course I could offer which would bring a calamity into the lives of many during what IS a beautiful moment we have been given with permission to break-free... to break-free, almost seamlessly without disruption. 


Incorporating all the best bits and bobs together of guidance, knowledge and wisdom into a sweet process to be a 7-Day Detox to Release Lifestyle Addictions. 

Why should you register for this online course now?


Because everything is timing and readiness. To detox from Lifestyle Addictions an individual needs to be primed to have a desired result to work together cohesively and with fortitude. Now, it is TIME. 

Time for you to consciously create a version of you, that has been you... oppressed and conditioned to your peers, media outlets, environments and neatly engineered into a package you would accept. 


Why is this 7-day detox worth your invested time? 

Because it is designed to give you the most valuable asset you can have in your life - True Individuality with Autonomy, removing Spiritual Bypassing.

Learn more about our live online workshop... continue reading! 

Lifestyles New Cycles Online Workshop
Pineapple Bathing in the Sandy Ocean

-consciously create your version of you-

Release Lifestyle Addictions

Inter-Active Online Workshop

Private Support Group

Duration: 7-Days

Daily | Afternoons 1PM EST

{Limited Availability}

∞ Start Date ∞ 

Wednesday, January, 2022

$197. USD

Give Yourself Permission to Break-Free.

Reset Your Life at Zero 

to be the 

Magic of of Peace of Mind and Heart

Day 1:


What are Lifestyle Addictions?

Spiritual Bypassing

Tools and Liberators 

Daily Experiment

Day 2:


Fear Based Ideologies

Spiritual Bypassing

Tools and Liberators

Daily Experiment

Day 3:

Emotional & Mental Attachments

Irrational Intimacy

Tools and Liberators

 Daily Experiment

Day 4:

Dietary Addictions

Nutritional Joy

Tools and Liberators 

Daily Experiment

Day 5:


Addictive Routines 

Identify Unconscious Obsessions

Tools and Liberators 

Daily Experiment

Day 6:


Abandoning Boundaries

Preserving Autonomy

Tools and Liberators

Daily Experiment

Day 7:

Redefining Creativity

Defining True Individuality

Defining Peace 

Exploring Beauty

Bonus Day:


Mantra Reveal

Becoming the New Script 

Shifting Relationships 

Why trust yourself to take this course with Maia?


Because I have been doing this for 25 years... no, not really. Experience definitely helps move the process forward and sets the stage for insights to be more commonly acknowledged. I too, have heard it all, seen it all and nothing really surprises me. 

However... the reason is because...

I do represent a genuine nature to True Individuality and Autonomy.... and most importantly... I actually do care about 'you' and your process. Yes, for real...!  

Discovering who we are and what defines your next experience is dependable on breaking the unconscious addictions that create your shadow self we learn to think we are. This shadow self can make us sad, frustrated, irritable, confused, isolated, disconnected and even, angry or depressed.

Have you been on the path to your own healing and still, you feel a secret pain inside, a pain you cannot yet, identify...?

These are your Lifestyle Addictions, holding you captive with a false delusion of what your relationship to life is. 

Allow me to hold you accountable to not spiritually bypass yourself. Together, let's navigate you through the silent storms, to begin the process of becoming you before the hurricane swept you into a life that was not yours! 

Everywhere We Go

You Want Results... a Course to Optimize Your Life.

You are not here to learn anything different, rather you are here to become something different.

You are not here to learn anything to forge this new path... You are here to be conscious of why you derailed from your path to begin with . 


This is a 7-Day Detox of your Lifestyle Addictions to open your life to becoming more of who you are...

rather than what the world has taught you to be, told you to be and to even taught you what you should like or to be liked. This is the moment you take your voice back. 

-consciously create the version of you -

Release Lifestyle Addictions

The parts of life you really do love, and deny or even restrict yourself from enjoying... be it even, quite, tranquil space to be 'nothing'... or the insistent desire to keep on moving, doing, engaging, creating... 


This is your Lifestyle Addictions you have been accustomed to, taunting you to ignore the words of your silence, whispering... Be Free to be You!   


What is it that you really love...? 

Do you really know what it is you really love...?

What is it that made you forget those things you love...?

What made you replace your life for mediocre...?


What made you become dependable on superfluous needs and desires? 

Where did you become you now, and loose your-self...?

This is the basics of what we will explore together, as we move deeper into the corridors releasing your lifestyle addictions to reveal YOU, without contradictions living a contradictory life. 

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I highly recommend Maia's course in Releasing Lifestyle Addictions. It was one of the most valuable gifts to give myself the opportunity for deep exploration in an environment free from judgement. 

I came into this course ready to shed the false layers of the ego in order to find and embrace my true self beyond the stories of my past. The group work is powerful, as we build upon each other's learning, it creates a vertical learning classroom. 


Maia's approach is very personal and individual. She facilitates a safe and gentle environment, a rare spiritual mid-wife, committed to stay with us through the process. Thank you for assisting me in the birth of my new expanded self! 

thank you, thank you, thank you ~ Jill

DENISE SCHAAD - California

I took the enlightenment Beyond purpose course and awoken to a new level of my being. Maia has a way of planting seeds for you to see your next step. Her style of teaching is easy to understand and applicable to your life. Maia is attentive and truly cares about your journey of ascending. When you take any of Maia courses you are cared for, spoken the truth too and honored.


An amazing 7 days!

It was the first time I attended a 7 days workshop with Maia and I can say that it was a great experience being guided by her through a world o spirituality and open discussion. It opened or the door of reflection about me - about what is really important for myself and what is not. 

Many different characters in the group, with different history, trauma and more or less - or like e, almost no spiritual background. It is a miracle to create a group spirit - and it is incredible on how you managed that.  Not to forget that you were really listening, questioning and interested in responses. And one thing: you did not look on the watch - you spent so much time each day - no time keeping that is more than rare. 

I would like to thank you having shared your knowledge, experiences and also having fostered the spirit of the group.

I will slowly, but surly continue this road further with your guidance. Thanks so much that you gave me possibility to start this journey Maia. 


Going through Maia's Release Lifestyle Addictions program allowed me to see a deeper insight into where I was stuck in some really bad habits and patterns in my everyday life. Through Maia's program I was able to recognize how I was addicted to my own thinking. It is exactly what i needed to make a shift from my mental prison, to freedom of thought! 

It was amazing to uncover a version of myself that was beyond thought, and beyond the mental prison.


Maia has such a sweet approach and her ability to walk you through and uncover what is not serving you is truly an amazing gift. I am forever grateful! 

CEO - The Wellness Factory & Consultant for Self Directed Healing