Revolutionary Reads | Set of 6

Revolutionary Reads | Set of 6

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Must Read 6-book collection for reader enthusiasts. Dive into profound, revolutionary literary writers... experience their visions transforming into literary prose, propelling you into the future and back into the past guiding with wisdom tales.


These classics take you on a journey of adventure, inducing feeling and artistry visions. Packaged beautifully together with surprise accessories.


Included Books:

- Inferno.

- The Prophet.

- The Daugher of Time.

- Classic Tales of Horror.

- The Beautiful and the Damned.

- Journey to the Center of the Earth.


Included Authors:

- Dante Alighieri

- Kahlil Gibran

- Josephine Tey

- Edgar Allen Poe

- F. Scott Fitzgerald

- Jules Verne


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This book was named one of the best mystery novels ever written; a reputation that it does live up to. Josephine Tey  recreates one of history’s most famous — and vicious — crimes in her classic bestselling novel, a must read for connoisseurs of fiction.

Mystery Story is it? Inspector Alan Grant of Scotland Yard, recuperating from a broken leg, becomes fascinated with a contemporary portrait of Richard III that bears no resemblance to the Wicked Uncle of history. Could such a sensitive, noble face actually belong to one of the world’s most heinous villains — a venomous hunchback who may have killed his brother’s children to make his crown secure? Or could Richard have been the victim, turned into a monster by the usurpers of England’s throne? Grant determines to find out once and for all, with the help of the British Museum and an American scholar, what kind of man Richard Plantagenet really was and who killed the Little Princes in the Tower.

The Daughter of Time is an ingeniously plotted, beautifully written, and suspenseful tale, a supreme achievement from one of mystery writing’s most gifted masters.


Note: Josephine Tey was one of two pen names used by Elizabeth Mackintosh (1897 - 1952), one of the foremost mystery writers of the first half of the 20th century. This is more an historical puzzle than a murder mystery because a photograph triggers a search through history for the truth. The title, The Daughter of Time, Tey took from an old proverb — Truth is the daughter of time.



Decades After Her Death, Mystery Still Surrounds Crime Novelist Josephine Tey.


Unlike Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers, and Ngaio Marsh, Josephine Tey ignored the rules of golden-age British crime fiction — with brilliant results. Howerver, 60 years after her death, the greatest mystery Tey created still may be herself.

Learn More... Josephine Tey, the mystery is herself. 

Learn More... Bones officially found and identified of Richard III February 2013, under a car park in Leicester.