Dream Reading Subconscious | Oracle Deck

Dream Reading Subconscious | Oracle Deck

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An accurate, intuitive self-help tool in helping people face real-life issues through dream meaning! The oracle cards assist the user to gain further insight into the dreams and apply the wisdom found in these cards. 52 cards deck divided into two sets for a huge range of combinations with a variety of use — plus ‘how to use’ booklet.


This deck includes one set of 22 dream cards and one of 30 oracle cards. The dream cards represent the most common dreams we all share universally. Each dream gives possible explanations of the dream meaning.


These are a practical set of cards, using a step-by-step guide of emotions surfacing from dreams and what to do about them in waking life.


—> 22 Theme cards that offer interpretations of the most common dream scenarios, from flying to intimacy.


—> 30 Oracle cards help the reader interpret the messages from the Theme cards — tapping into subconscious mind.


Provides valuable insights into your personal life. Includes an easy-to-follow guidebook that allows the reader to interpret their own dreams and those of their friends and family.

Designed with beautiful watercolor illustrations by Micaela Ezra — who also created the artwork for Gabby''s best-selling The Universe Has Your Back cards — each of the 52 cards offers an inspiring mantra to support and guide you.


Anytime you want guidance, simply shuffle the deck, choose a card, and have faith in the guidance you receive. These stunning cards will help you connect to the Universe, live in alignment with Spirit, get in the flow of wellbeing, and develop your own Super Attractor powers.


Surrender to this awesome practice and watch the miracles unfold.