Blue Grey Dip Ceramic Tea-for-One w\Choice Teas

Blue Grey Dip Ceramic Tea-for-One w\Choice Teas


The glaze’s earthy hues that melt from grey to ivory to blue are a result of a three-dip process that makes each mug unique. Simple, and yet beautiful ceramic tea mug features an artful glaze... greeting you with warmth and authenticity.


The set includes one teapot and one generously teacup that nest together when not in use. Keep one at home, work, or school for those moments when you need to refuel and recharge.


Comes in a lovely box that’s ready for gifting!


Includes: choice of 20 sachets of Harney and Sons flavored teas.


Harney and Sons Teas Choices:

— Classic Paris - fruity black tea with vanilla and caramel.

— Hot Cinnamon Spice - 3 cinnamon flavor blend.


Refer to our Product Information for Harney and Sons Tea descriptions.


Pot: 17-oz./560ml capacity.

Teacup: 16-oz./480ml capacity.


- Stoneware.

- Metal Strainer.

- Mug is microwavable.

- Dishwasher Safe.

Product Choice

Harney and Suns Classic Paris Tea:

From fine tea purveyors Harney and Sun teas offers a deliciosly flavoured vanilla black ea with a refreshing light body and naturally sweet aroman. A fruity black tea with vanilla and carael flavours and a hint of lemony bergamot.  Pour a cup and daydream about a stroll along the Champs-Elysees.  Each sachets order comes with 20 sachets.


Harney and Suns Classic Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea:

Renowned worldwide for their premium teas, Harney and Sons cinnamon spice teas contains three types of cinnamon for natural sweetness and bold flavor.  The decorative tin hols 20 silken sachets of leaf tea.