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Promoting a Global Community

of Expanded Awareness 

A born intuitive empathetic visionary, following her illuminated heart and starlight thoughts since a child, Maia has adapted herself to move in/out of our systematic reality to inspire human evolution, while empowering individuals to tap-into their Gnostic self.  


Through various self-created tools, personal sessions. workshops and her webinars, she acts as a guide to inspire others to embrace their inherited freedom as Divine Beings of creation, reflecting Truth. 

Maia is a hermetic initiate and has been practicing hermeticism since a child. She holds a bachelors in clinical social work and is also a certified computer network engineer. She has been the sole owner of an event planning company since 1998, whereas she architects weddings, corporate team building events and orchestrates entertainment. 

With over two-decades as a practicing hermetic promoting self-awareness and self-actualization, Maia is a catalyst for dream lucidity.  In order to full-fill her role during our emerging new culture on planet earth, Maia has positioned herself as a Life Path Transformation Coach in Mind Pathways, Emotional Integrity and Polarity Centering. The removal of false belief systems and indoctrinated thought-forms is at the forefront of all her work.  She does this through projecting the authentic self, as witness to the human experience. 

With broad waves of experience, she is an active, dynamic astral traveller, lucid awakened dreamer, dream-walker, remote viewer, energetic feeler and spirit-heart healer; defined by humility inspiring the best version of herself and others to become, she will show you where to look on your path of self-discovery, but will not tell you what to believe or who you should be.  Maia has a collective focus to release as many individuals she can from the identity of suffering and into living free. Her experience allows her to connect and share the wisdom inside the holographic universe and the impact knowledge can have to transform lives.


Cracks of History...


I am Maia Pollan and I am Synergistic Ascension. My affiliate website began in 2005 as a portal to provide information to those willing to explore the deeper understandings and hidden knowledge embedded in the system, while also, acting as a catalyst to demystify the many avenues constructing western knowledge. It is here inside, Synergistic Ascension, where I began providing my first set of online courses and global workshops. I not only share knowledge and the collection of tools from my own personal toolbox of trial and error, I grow with our students through their own perceptions of reality, honoring both our individuality and our collective evolution. 


Synergistic Ascension workshops and online webinars are designed and created in support of a long-term vision to provide individuals with a full circle, empowering experience to transform their lives. Each workshop, webinar and service is designed to promote global awareness, self-discovery, mindfulness and personal transformation. Each interactive setting is dedicated to the lives of others to create and inspire a brave new world each individual has the opportunity to experience. 


The knowledge and awareness I provide is wisdom acquired over decades of investigation, experimentation and transformation as both an individual navigating the matrix and as a practicing Hermetic of exploration. It is with universal truth, the ability to see beyond the veils of the delusions inside Maya the illusions and having a keen ability to read the patterns inside the matrix, I have become not only a philosopher of universal and human life, but a bobcat to follow to show others "how deep the rabbit hole goes". 

... opening the door to self-actualization and self-discovery, enhancing our relationship with our-self and with others. 

Book Favourites... ​

  • Song of Myself - Walt Whitman

  • The Witch of Portobello - Paulo Coelho

  • The Perennial Philosophy - Aldous Huxley

  • The Care of Soul - Thomas Moore

  • The Religion with No Name - Thomas Moore

  • Psychotherapy East & West - Alan Watts

  • The Biology of Belief - Bruce Lipton

  • The Book with No Name - Anonymous

  • Shambhala - Chogyam Trungpa 

  • The Universal One - Walter Russell

  • Gems of the Equinox - Alister Crowley

  • Cave of the Cosmos - Michael Harner

  • Seven Pillars of Wisdom - T.E Lawrence

  • Divergent- Veronica Roth


  • Allan Watts

  • Jiddu Krishnamurti

  • Terrence Mc Henna

  • LLyod Pye

  • Walt Whitman

  • Edgar Allan Poe

  • Tim Burton

  • Ingo Swann

Life Joys...

  • Hiking - Nature Walks

  • Planning Events of all sorts

  • Music...and... more music

  • Assisting with the care of animals

  • comic books and science fiction

  • Acquiring Knowledge

  • Solitary Cave of Maia

  • Nature Shows