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Webinar:  Free.Minds.Live.Free

Topic: The Rise of Narcissism and Self Love

Date: Monday, October 28, 2019 

Time: 7 p.m (eastern/Toronto Time)


How do we confront narcissistic behaviours in a growing global community of competition, societal pressures and social media grandiose affections, while maintaining our own spiritual evolution?

How do we make the distinctions between a narcissist and someone exhibiting narcissistic behaviours?

How do we best respond to narcissism as a whole and where do we create the boundary between compassion and walking away?

Learning the difference between someone who feels trapped, unhappy and displaying irritable tendencies, altering their sense of self and persona?

Ego vs Love | the immersed in one's own reflections; never knowing one's own identity until they gaze upon themselves.

Recognising our own narcissistic behaviours and how they can launch us into deeper mirroring techniques to care and love another?

and... much more! 

Our time together IS and will be a valuable asset to opening your eyes to not just yourself, but recognizing the many others surrounding you in their challenges and confusions. 

  • paper and pen is highly suggested

  • informal, open dialogue webinar

  • you will be free to ask questions

  • please register below to attend

I look forward to both your presence and shedding light into your world to further you path of evolution into becoming a being of absolute presence and tranquillity, Maia ox!