Experiences into Wholeness, Connection,Relief, and a Renewed Vision of Yourself and the World
Empathogenic Retreats in
Quebec | California 

We provide the setting, guidance and expertise. Nature provides the medicine to enable you to experience the liberating power of awe and wonder, and most importantly the relief you seek. We have known of the therapeutic and life transforming potential of psilocybin mushrooms since the 1950‘s. Now we have dozens of recent studies from diverse sources that affirm the unrivaled healing and life enhancing potential of psilocybin mushroom sessions in the right setting.

Experience the Ultimate Adventure 


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"Personality is a strategy devised by a child. Our true, original self lays under our personality, in the trans-personal ground of our being, at our core"

~ Neal M. Goldsmith

Reclaim Your Life
Friday, August 20 - Monday August 23, 2021
Big Sur, California
$1675. USD

"Enchantment is the oldest form of medicine"

~ Carl G. Jung

We do indeed live in a wondrous and enchanting world, but for many of us the wonder and enchantment has faded or even, disappeared entirely. When this happens we lose our deeper connection to spirit and our sense of wholeness to life and the world. 

This can happen due to emotional and physical trauma, anxiety, depression, personal loss, a dysfunctional cultural environment, unrelenting stress or perpetual suffering. We also live in a world that is desensitising and changing at a breakneck pace.

As a result of any combination of the foregoing, we lose our  connection to the deeper aspects of our being; our spirit wanes and we feel fragmented and often times, can even feel lost.

In a state of wholeness we:

  • are confident in our life path.

  • feel exuberant about life in general.

  • experience a deep and fulfilling gratitude. 

  • have more compassion and empathy.

  • feel a profound connection to  the universe.

  • feel a deeper connection to spirit. 

  • are no longer hobbled by tragedies of our personal history or conceptual hang-ups.

Find the relief to restore your sense of wholeness, reinvigorate  life and renew your vision of yourself and the world - returning home with a long-lasting, permanent shift. 


We are confident in our method and approach we offer and, we look forward to being the journey with you to Reclaim Your Life. 

Transform Your Life
September 2021 {dates to be determined} 
Pinnacles National Park, California
$1675.00 USD 

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are".

~ Carl G. Jung

Empathogenic experiences enabled by plant medicines, such as psilocybin mushrooms have unequivocally demonstrated unrivalled efficacy in the treatment of these conditions. 

  • OCD

  • PTSD

  • Anxiety

  • Alcoholism

  • Depression

  • Eating Disorders

  • Opioid Addiction

  • Suicidal Ideation

  • Nicotine Addiction

  • Anti-social Behavior

  • Relationship Issues

  • Undesirable Habits in General

Our method of guidance is based on the principle of Inner Healing Intelligence. We therefore take what is known as a non-directive approach in our guidance. Over the years psychedelic guides have discovered, that like the body, the mind possesses an innate ability to heal, yet mental-emotional conditions require an outside agent to catalyze that process.


Revolutionize Your Story
October 2021(dates to be determined)
Lake Tahoe, California
$1575. CAD

"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become"

~ Carl G. Jung

When empathogens are sought out for their therapeutic or self-improvement effects, we are seeking liberation from our habituated ways of thinking and feeling that have hindered our ability to heal and evolve. 

Empathogens work their power directly on our brain by allowing novel ways of communication between different parts of the brain; this allows for new ways of feeling and thinking. The setting potentiates or furthers the experience, presenting an opportunity for us to release with ease and perceive without judgement.


It is not only the plant or empathogen that opens up an individual to a wider range of experiences, but also the direction, content and overall quality of the experiences to be focused and enhanced with guidance. 

The presence of knowledgeable guides greatly facilitates the probability of reaching expanded levels of consciousness, while also 'recalling and integrating' the experiences afterwards. 

Many people who want to have a spiritual or an entheogenic experience using an empathogen or psychedelic, do not know how to reach and stay open to their various levels of consciousness presented to them during an experience. It is invaluable to be with experienced guides to both support you and have the ability to reunite you with clarity. 

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