Empathogenic Spirit Journey 

- enhance your connection to the wholeness of living -

4-Day Retreat | Big Sur, California 

June 4 to June 7, 2021

We provide the setting, guidance and expertise. Nature provides the medicine to enable you to experience the liberating power of awe and wonder, and most importantly the relief you seek. We have known of the therapeutic and life transforming potential of psilocybin mushrooms since the 1950‘s. Now we have dozens of recent studies from diverse sources that affirm the unrivaled healing and life enhancing potential of psilocybin mushroom sessions in the right setting.

Revolutionize Your Story

"It is not the young, rather the people in middle age who need to have an experience of numinous proportions to help negotiate the mental habits cemented into their lives"

~ Carl G. Jung

When empathogens are sought out for their therapeutic or self-improvement effects, we are seeking liberation from our habituated ways of thinking and feeling that have hindered our ability to heal and evolve. 

Empathogens work their power directly on our brain by allowing novel ways of communication between different parts of the brain; this allows for new ways of feeling and thinking. The setting potentiates or furthers the experience, presenting an opportunity for us to release with ease and perceive without judgement.


It is not only the plant or empathogen that opens up an individual to a wider range of experiences, but also the direction, content and overall quality of the experiences to be focused and enhanced with guidance. 

The presence of knowledgeable guides greatly facilitates the probability of reaching expanded levels of consciousness, while also 'recalling and integrating' the experiences afterwards. 

Many people who want to have a spiritual or an entheogenic experience using an empathogen or psychedelic, do not know how to reach and stay open to their various levels of consciousness presented to them during an experience. It is invaluable to be with experienced guides to both support you and have the ability to reunite you with clarity. 

Connect to Wholeness

"Enchantment is the oldest form of medicine"

~ Carl G. Jung

We do indeed live in a wondrous and enchanting world, but for many of us the wonder and enchantment has faded or even, disappeared entirely. When this happens we lose our deeper connection to spirit and our sense of wholeness to life and the world. 

This can happen due to emotional and physical trauma, anxiety, depression, personal loss, a dysfunctional cultural environment, relationship changes, perpetual suffering or unrelenting stress. We also live in a world that is desensitising and changing at a breakneck pace.

As a result of any combination of the foregoing, we lose our  connection to the deeper aspects of our being; our spirit wanes and we feel fragmented and often times, can even feel lost.

In a state of wholeness we:

  • are confident in our life path.

  • have an enhanced ability to concentrate.

  • feel exuberant about life in general.

  • experience a deep and fulfilling gratitude. 

  • have more compassion and empathy.

  • feel a profound connection to  the universe.

  • feel a deeper connection to spirit. 

  • are no longer hobbled by tragedies of our personal history or conceptual hang-ups.


Find the relief to restore your sense of wholeness, reinvigorate  life and renew your vision of yourself and the world - returning home with a long-lasting, permanent shift. 


We are confident in our method and approach we offer and, we look forward to being the journey with you to Reclaim Your Life. 

Release Old Behaviours

"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become"

~ Carl G. Jung

Empathogenic experiences enabled by plant medicines such as psilocybin mushrooms have unequivocally demonstrated unrivalled efficacy in the treatment of these conditions. 

  • OCD

  • PTSD

  • Anxiety

  • Alcoholism

  • Depression

  • Eating Disorders

  • Opioid Addiction

  • Suicidal Ideation

  • Nicotine Addiction

  • Obsessive Compulsions

  • Excessive Entropy

  • Anti-social Behaviour

  • Relationship Issues

  • Undesirable Habits in General

Our method of guidance is based on the principle of Inner Healing Intelligence. We therefore take what is known as a non-directive approach in our guidance. Over the years psychedelic guides have discovered, that like the body, the mind possesses an innate ability to heal, yet mental-emotional conditions require an outside agent to catalyze that process.

Our non-directive setting refrains from giving advice or interpreting what is shared by the participant. The goal is for the 'explorer' to discover things about themselves for themselves with a minimum amount of input from the guide to push thoughts.

Sunrise on Nature




We put you in-touch with your innate ability to heal and grow, and to empower you to be responsible for your own healing. Turbulent and often difficult emotional processes may be easier to work with and resolve when we tap-in to our Inner Healing Intelligence.

The body initiates a remarkably complex and sophisticated healing process and always spontaneously attempts to move toward healing, as evidenced by the inevitable healing of a cut or a bruise. The psyche too exhibits an innate healing intelligence and capacity, which is revealed by psychedelic medicine.





Set refers to, "where you are in your life, what beliefs you may have, how you think and essentially the internal make-up of yourself."

Setting refers to, "external factors: who you are with, where you are and the environment the medicines are taken in." 

We feel the set and setting is imperative to optimize the journeyed  voyager's experience to heighten their awareness to explore unseen corridors inside themselves otherwise neglected.



It is encouraged to discuss openly any strong feelings, fears or concerns that may have arisen during your experience. 


The concepts that you encounter on a visionary voyage can be challenging to interpret, and may require skilled guidance. 

We offer open dialogue and questions prior, during and post your psychedelic empathogen spirit journey. 

Psychedelic guiding has three stages; preparation, experience and integration. Thoughtful attention to all three stages is needed to maximize the opportunity for a positive outcome.

You Want a Retreat...

to Revolutionize Your Story! 

Raul and Maia's Message to You:
"Sacred mushrooms are the most promising safe entheogens to re-enter our culture." 

As a voyager, you are not having a drug experience, but rather, learning how to become open to your own inner worlds, reunite with one's self and make use of a vast range of experiences prior, during and after the journey. Our suggestions at the right moment, may help you make a pivotal discovery or retain and important insight.

As your guides, we both offer our unique complimenting skills to know the terrain, sense where you are in your journey and be able to advise or caution you where it is deemed appropriate. We serve as a steady and supportive presence; we understand our authenticity and awareness are an integral part of creating a warm and inviting set and setting and is, instrumental in having you feel safe and secure to transcend deeper heights of consciousness. 

We recognize we are doing sacred work and the importance of establishing a sincere relationship.  We honour the trust you've placed in us to ensure you do have a transcendent experience based in compassion, healing, kindness and love. 



Transport & Arrival to Lodge

Room Assignment

4 to 5:30 pm


Meet Your Facilitators


6 pm

Relax into Movement

Sound Healing

Qi Gong Body & Breath

8 pm

Scrumptious Dinner 

Sharing Circle

10 pm

Lights Out to Dream



8:30 am

Conscious Breathing

Intention Setting

Open-Mind Preparation

10 am - 4 pm

Begin Session Journey

Nature Appreciation

5 pm to 6:30 pm

Individual Time

6:30 pm


Scrumptious Dinner


7:30 pm

Sharing Circle

Open  Moonlit Fire



8:30 am

Conscious Breathing

Intention Setting

Open-Mind Preparation

9:30 am

Leave for Outdoor Setting

10:30 am to 5 pm

Begin Session Journey

Return 5 pm to Lodge

6:30 pm

Scrumptious Dinner 

7:30 pm

Sharing Circle

Open  Moonlit Fire

 Ecstatic Dance


8:30 am 

Breakfast of Champions

Integration Coaching


Energy Flow

Wake-up Central Nervous System

Maintaining Peace 

Maintaining Spiritual Maturity 


Embodying and Understanding

- Psychedelic Experience

- Daily Practices

- Micro-dosing

12 pm  

Prepare Departure Lodge

Monterrey Aquarium

Transform Your Life

4-Day Empathogenic Journey 

Big Sur, California

June 4 - June 7, 2021

Your Package Includes ∞ 

3- Night Accommodation

3 Scrumptious Dinners 

2 Snack Boxes for Day Outings

Breakfast of Champions

2 Empathogenic Journey's

Communication w/Dyads

Sound Healing

Breath Work Meditations

Monterrey Aquarium Activity

Integration Day 

Transportation to and from Airport​

{5 individuals maximum} 

 $1475. USD

100% Guaranteed Awesomeness

Valley of Fire 2020'

We are Maia and Raul, and we have been experiencing and practising the benefits of empathogens collectively for 50 years... our experience both personally and with other explorers, has concluded empathogens loosen the grip of cultural and societal conditioning, and general enculturation. We have also discovered, empathogens and/or psychedelics allow for new neural imprints and behaviours to emerge. 

We have witnessed directly the benefits of empathogens to release not only deeply embedded emotional addictions and, religious and societal programming. We too, have been fortunate to be testimony to the healing and release of oppressed trauma and the emotional states of depression, eating disorders and anxiety. 

Plant medicines are and can be the direct source needed to renew and restore an individual's connection to wholeness, while also inspiring their own  health of being. Empathogens can and do relax the mind chatter to enhance our ability to approach and respond to life without egoistic patterns or misguided unconscious mental states of blame, shame, guilt, embarrassment, avoidance or judgement. 


What makes us unique from other guided wellness retreats? 

Together, we have been experiencing our own self-guided intimate empathogen retreats and explorations for 8 years. We move and operate together in harmony, unity and flow states.  We are familiar with each other, inspired by our deep connection, and our adjoined desire to assist others with what we have gained in our journey's independently and together.  

Our complimenting attributes and practices as a hermetic and cosmologist enhance the experience you will have, the knowledge provided and the perceptions to empower renewal, refreshment, healing, and evolutionary growth. 

Sunset Hike - Sedona, Arizona - 2018'

"Society is collapsing, and people are starting to recognise that the reason they feel like they're mentally ill is that they're living in a system that's not designed to suit the human spirit."

~ Russel Brand - 

∞ Meet Maia ∞ 


I began experimenting with pathogens in 1992. I am a practiced Hermetic  Celtic initiate working the universal laws since a child. I too, hold a degree in clinical social work, cognitive psychotherapy, acting as a certified holistic trauma therapist and as a psychedelic facilitator. 

My nature is that of a gypsy mentality, experiencing the world, yet never becoming attached to my place within it.  I always felt the world was backwards from the way I had perceived it; with cultural and societal norms, and dogmatic infrastructures designed specifically to hold the spirit back from truly experiencing freedom and wealth of living. This sense of mis-arrangement, combined with my practices as a hermetic, quickly led me to take the road least travelled as initiates to expose human slavery, free the spirit and restore connection to the universe.  

My experiences with psychedelics launched me into a path of understanding and ability to not only learn, but feel and see the world in a perspective which supported how I perceived it, and how I could begin to align authentically with how reality operated.  It gave me the freedom to 'crack open my mind' without judgement, and accept the connectivity of being part of all, and. yet, undoubtedly, detached from all. 


Over the course of many years, I have experienced many forms of mind-altering substances and emotional receptors, such as: Psilocybin (mushrooms), LSD, Ayahuasca, Changa, MDMA, Shamanic Rapé, DMT and the most profound of all, Salvia Divinorum. All of my experiences have been administered with intention to release, grow, learn and evolve. 


My life has been that of a scholar, with a drive for information, deeper understanding and deeper connections, while freeing the minds of humanity from bondage and suffering.

∞ Meet Raul ∞ 

I began experimenting with empathogens in 1992, making my journey to North Mexico by foot and horseback and had my assisted Huichol introduction to peyote in early 1992.

Since then, I have had hundreds of experiences in diverse places in the U.S and around the world, including experimentation with Ayahuasca, DMT and MDMA. I have come to believe that aside from being the best, safest and most effective medicines for our behavioural-emotional afflictions, human cultural evolution on a mass scale is not possible without the intelligent and informed use of empathogens. 

My intended college major was psychology and my quest was to understand why the world was the way it was.  Why, with all the possible worlds was the one we have inherited and unknowingly support to one degree or another the reality I was intended to experience. My journey then took an alternate twist and I left college after my first year. I went into landscape design and the construction industry and have owned and operated a landscape architecture and construction company for 33 years. 


I  may have left formal education, but as a perennially curious self-learner, I continued to study psychology and the brain sciences. These interests brought me to the work of Timothy Leary, the Harvard psychologist, whom had some of the earliest formal experiments with empathogens.  


Aside from being a landscape professional, I am a naturalist, an outdoors man, and a self-taught cosmologist working on the concept of holistic cosmology. My holistic approach is based on my scientific studies of a legendary and cryptic Mesoamerican natural history discovery I refer to as the, Tzolkin Cycle. 

My other intellectual interests include, cultural anthropology, world history, astronomy, natural history and earth sciences.

"Personality is a strategy devised by a child. Our true, original self lays under our personality, in the trans-personal ground of our being, at our core"

~ Neal M. Goldsmith

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Big Sur, California