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natural self

We often hear the word, 'empath' thrown around a lot these days... everyone is either an empath or has become an empath.


Those of you'who are an empath'... know exactly what I am talking about!

It is difficult - You are challenged enough with simply trying to learn how to harness this in-depth aspect of you (at times causing deep distress) now you too, must adapt with others claiming to be an aspect of 'who you are'.

IF others only knew the challenges and confusions you have faced your entire life or even, how often you may have wanted to wish away your keen sense of knowing and steadfast sensitivities.


IF others only knew how often you have been riddled with anxiety and wanted to even, wish your life away because the feelings are just, too strong to cope another day...


And yet... you could just as easily, awaken to smile or even, laugh and forgive another day past simply by the birds tweeting on tree-tops or the solemn eyes of a loved one. 

The truth is: many do not understand the workings of an empath, nor do they understand what it means to be an empath. It is at no fault of their own, and certainly no fault of the many friends, family or perhaps even therapists grasping at straws who may have attempted to help you... to understand you. 

Even the empath struggles amongst their own inner and outer confusions; some not knowing, or even only recently learning their mood swings are a result of possibly being different, possibly being 'an empath'.

An empath is the same as the colour of your hair, the colour of your eyes, your unique bone structure and the dimples in the corners of your chin. To be an empath is 'who you are' in your DNA, your biochemistry and biological essence of being.

It is for this reason, you are not different, but rather a unique paradox of an already evolved spiritual being, inter-connected and a life-force much more powerful than you realize; a realization you will recognize by the end of this course. 

Empath Mastery Online Course

-your path to emotional freedom-

Empath Mastery Course

Inter-Active Online Workshop

Duration: 4-week(s)

Weekly: Wednesdays

{limited participants per class}


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$797. CAN

100% Guaranteed Results


Week One:


Strategic Boundaries

Conflict of Feelings

Identify your Empath.

Core Education Empaths

Week Two:


Identity Confusion

Filtering Energetic Feelers

Discovering who you 'finally' are underneath the Empath.

Week Three:

Deciphering Emotional States

Avoiding Transmutation

Flow Restoration 

Break Away(s) 

Week Four:

Unseen and Developing Skill

Transmitting Frequencies

Reading & Sensory Perception

Shifting Environments

Why trust yourself to take this course with Maia?


For starters, because I am an Empath! To be more precise, I am an intuitive empath with a natural telepathic compliment. These two elements inspire my ability to determine what another is feeling, thinking, hiding and contradicting on an extremely intimate level. (often, unbeknown to even themselves) 


Over the course of 45 years, combined with having been a Gnostic hermetic explorer and hermetic practitioner, I have devised the exact strategy to harness our essence as an empath. More importantly... what it means to be an empath and how to master our unique qualities to better our lives, our relationships with others, our relationship with the planet and our relationships with all life-forms.

The decision to create the Empath Masterclass is not only to share wisdom or knowledge attained. The desire came from wanting to empower someone like you, as an empath, to live freely without the constraints of the outside world weighing you down unconsciously. 

... Compassion can be a daring practice ...

Compassion is more emotionally challenging than love or even to be kind because it involves our willingness to accept pain.  

Free Memory

You Want Results... Not Another Course.

You are not here to learn 'a spirituality', you are here to evolve into something different, be something different... live something different.


You will do experiments to compliment the Empath you are. You will discover 'your' true self often lost to the Empath as we collect behaviours, feelings, thoughts and ideas from others. You will come to recognize the 


This is a 'workshop' fuelled by experience you can apply each day after you complete the Empath Mastery Workshop Course. You will have long term results, leaving behind the emotional whirlwinds of yesterday's past. 

The truth is: I do not understand you, I inner-stand you! I do know what you are experiencing because I have been there - I have been inside the craziness, the loneliness and yet... inevitably full and joyfully whole.

I have experienced the whirlwinds of the 'empath curse'.  I have experienced the struggle whereas empaths were once unknown, considered mentally unstable and felt alone or unsupported by a naive world. 


With perspective and mastering our in-depth skills I can assert, there is no curse as our emotional and mental bodies train us to think we are experiencing but rather... YOU are the 'empath blessing'.

- path to emotional freedom -

Empath Mastery Course




$797. CAN

100% Guaranteed Results

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