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unfolding opposites 
remove separateness 

The Duality of Gender holds the deepest knowledge we can come to recognise in our awareness. In essence it is, the greatest of challenges we face during our current planetary cycle to release separation and accept diversity combined with unity. 

To  understand gender and to cultivate the art of gender, we must look beyond men are from Mars and women are from Venus. We are to release the societal spiritual definitions of what is masculine or feminine and our attachments to roles, labels and stigmas.


The Laws of Gender are more than the manifestation of man and woman and the relationships we hold as gender specifics and even, the energetic roles we have come to commonly believe, experience and behave as. 

Together we will explore... the principals inside our dualistic nature as gender recognition and break-down some common and yet, unconscious confusions in-order to provide you with a base to move forward as a quantum being of truth. 

As with many concepts, we are riddled with programming. This programming does no escape what is the most vital for both our evolution and harmony.

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Duality of Gender
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- oneness connection-

Duality of Gender

Inter-Active Online Workshop

Duration: 4-week(s)

Weekly: Wednesdays

{limited participants per class}

∞ Start Date ∞ 

September 10, 2020

5 PM to 7 PM (PST)

$797. CAN

100% Guaranteed Results

Week One:


Masculine Attribution

Feminine Attribution

Unfolding Opposites

Perceptions of Duality

Week Two:


Manifestation of All Parts 

Gender Paradox

Cultural Programming

Perceptions of Non-Duality

Week Three:

Unity of Poles

Nature of Discovery

Planes of Simultaneous Gender

Sacred Sexual Energy

Week Four:

Evolution of Relationships

Life Force Energy

Kundalini Awakening

Oneness Connection

Why Register for this Course... to evolve to unite!


Humanity has been pushed into societal structures of monogamy via a religious doctrine. This has not assisted in our evolution of man and woman. This apparent "new idea" of relationships, if we step back and see it for what it truly is, is to explore our unique individuality and independence as genders and as lovers. 


There are belief systems which echo over hundreds, thousands of years continually trying to find their permanent glue into human sharing; a glue which only propels separation, the separation of man and woman and, the separation of society. 

A gradual progression is leaking into human evolution under the guise of One Love and to Love many, to share our sexuality with many, giving permission to not step into the beauty of sacred shared intimacy in vulnerability of the one.  This permitted 'idea' only adds to the already, confusion of the heart, body, soul desiring to evolve.

Inside the root poles, we, as a human race are challenged by the temptation to give in and the resistance to be tempted.  

 Our mental states of temptation and resistance come from our want, need and desire to feel, we can ‘only exist’ because of our pain and our past struggles. We often find a balance inside ourselves ‘with’ a joyous desire to rest inside the suffering of our human shadows unconditionally. We then, define this unconditional action, as self-love.
Without these dramatics in our lives we feel un-purposeful in our day-to-day engagements with ourselves and with others.


Our true relationship with love on this planet has become an addiction to a false dualistic mind of separation, chasing our mental states of mind, using our traumas to define us. 

It is in our human nature to seek, to define and explore the colorful variant degrees we can be as experiencer's of love and yet,  we are lost in the dynamic experience of divine love waiting to be experienced by the spirit.  

This polarity swing is neither negative, nor positive, as it just is a process of human evolution aspiring to union, becoming addicted to sensations and attached to memorable experiences

Love IS Sharing

You Want Results... Not Another Course.

You will do experiments to compliment the knowledge you are acquiring, while too, allowing you to experience first hand astonishing results. 


You will discover a trueness often lost to the societal and cultural programs you've been defined as keeping you from transforming and expanding into oneness   

This is a 'workshop' fuelled by experience you can apply each day after you complete the Duality of Gender Online Workshop. You will have long term results, should you not stray from twisting the knowledge you have now discovered in yourself.  

After two decades of experimentation and experience with Gender as an a Hermetic Axiom used to navigate the holographic universe, physical constructs, including the dance with sexuality as a chosen abstinence at the peak of our adult life — our time together will be fuelled with many surprises, guiding you into who and what we are as inter-connective essences of sharing each other as one source. 

- oneness connection -

Duality of Gender

​∞ Start Date ∞ 

September 10, 2020

5 PM to 7 PM (PST)

$797. CAN

100% Guaranteed Results

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