Enlightenment Beyond Purpose

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"We cannot stop the commentary in our head, but at least we can regard it as interior noise. Listen to the chattering of your thoughts, as you listen to the singing of the kettle. 

The past it a result of what is happening; time goes backwards. All the echoes are disappearing - and yet, everything is starting now.  What we call the future is nothing...  the great void, and all comes from the great void.  

If you close your eyes, and contemplate reality only with your ears, you will find their is background silence.  All sounds are coming out of the background, starting from silence.

Close your eyes and just listen."

Enlightenment Beyond Purpose* 

4-Week Online Workshop

Starts: March 17, 2020

Human Life is relationships and experiences, enhanced by our ability to see, hear, smell, taste and touch the dynamic world we create individually and collectively. We truly are not here to become anything, as much as we are really here to experience... We Are Already. 

The illusion of purpose is... there is no purpose. 


You are here to be a free mind of power intention and a life-force of presence. This begins with recognizing who you are beyond the 'concept' of purpose.

Purpose gives us something to do, something to aspire to; nothing more and nothing less. It is not an aspect of self we are to become, nor to be. 


If there were a purpose, it is only to become One/Whole with the Infinite I Am and broadcast this wholeness to become the Unity of We Are. 


Consciousness itself is to be an 'alive' breath... 

Consciousness is about, 'touching' your self, 'touching' spirit and sharing moments with every living organism.


Enlightenment is, 'knowing' your self and 'knowing' other selves.


Wisdom is having the golden key to the library within the cosmic dance of everything that is you.

It is to be within the full range of the Infinite I Am as Infinite Truth to experience itself...  This is Awareness. 

Enlightenment Beyond Purpose - Online Wo
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power of now

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Enlightenment Beyond Purpose* 

7-Day Retreat | Costa Rica 

{postponed due to covid-19}

... we live in a matrix dominated by masked trickery, corporations, big-pharma and governmental enslaved infrastructures, most of which are examples of and do immoral, bad things.  We have to discern, dissect and intimately collaborate with our-self in how we can thrive in our reality without compromising or betraying our principals and our true morality of being.


In such; we are many face(s) within a matrix outside of our-self, yet a matrix it is which we 'fate' for our-self via the in-side.  We are confronted by a matrix which is indifferent to our individuality as unified splinters, 'baring witness' of and as morality itself.

We are expected to operate in various roles and to do our best to push these roles to impart and integrate change. A change which is nothing more than freedom of the One… y-our one connected to all one(s).  


Sometimes our lives can require us or test us to do things we are not comfortable with doing; what we may not realize...  it is, during these 'sometimes' where we actually are the breath of the One, as the One living free. 

Shifting to change your integral consciousness in a human experience is your experience, to be part of something much bigger than the face(s) or role(s). This is your inherited right as Spirit. 


It is in my  experience to enhance the human in us, the human in you, the Spirit in you... it is to cultivate the art of 'impermanence'. 


To be one with 'impermanence' is to be free to experience the whole as One, whereas you are free in reality to, simply be.