What is your blueprint paradox?

What is your morality of being? 

How are you separating from life?

What does it mean to be present?

Discover these questions and more...

be the sage of y-our

Greatest Self

Human Life is relationships and experiences, enhanced by our ability to see, hear, smell, taste and touch the dynamic world we create individually and collectively. We truly are not here to become anything, as much as we are really here to experience... We Are Already. 

The illusion of purpose is... there is no purpose. 


You are here to be a free mind of power intention and a life-force of presence. This begins with recognizing who you are beyond the 'concept' of purpose.

Purpose gives us something to do, something to aspire to; nothing more and nothing less. It is not an aspect of self we are to become, nor to be. 


If there were a purpose, it is only to become One/Whole with the Infinite I Am and broadcast this wholeness to become the Unity of We Are. 


Consciousness itself is to be an 'alive' breath... 

Consciousness is about, 'touching' your self, 'touching' spirit and sharing moments with every living organism.


Enlightenment is, 'knowing' your self and 'knowing' other selves.


Wisdom is having the golden key to the library within the cosmic dance of everything that is you. It is to be within the full range of the Infinite I Am as Infinite Truth to experience itself...  


This is Awareness. 

stop expecting

start living

Enlightenment Beyond Purpose - Online Wo

Week One:


Demystifying Purpose

Duality Contradictions

Nature of Existence

Blue-Print Paradox

Week Two:


Duality Contradictions

Unveil Delusions and Falsity

Expose and Alter Mirrors 

Morality of Being​

Week Three:

Unveil Delusions and Falsity


Perceptions of Existence

Detached Attachment

Week Four:


Masterpieces of Reality

Illusion of Separation

Unity of Existence

Blue Lotus

-live free with presence-


Beyond Purpose

Inter-Active Online Workshop

Duration: 4-week(s)

Weekly: Wednesday Evenings

{6 participants per class}

∞ Start Date ∞

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

6 PM to 8 PM (EST)

$997. CAN

100% Guaranteed Results

*pay in full - save $75.

What will you benefit from the Beyond Purpose Workshop?


​Your journey will primarily be centered around cultivating the art of impermanence. This will allow you to release the tug n' pull of purpose as your catalyst for living wholly, and appreciate 'moments', rather than what is to come. 

A sense of greatness, more than the identity you play out each day. You will have an awareness you are more than a 'person' living out a life. 

You can anticipate a unity within yourself, without the nagging sensation you are fractured or in need of seeking a piece to become whole.

You will have a clear resolve and acceptance in 'knowing' what is, detachment vs attachment. 

You will have the tools to begin to live life from a true space of 'presence', and not the fluffed up idea of what 'presence' should be inside the brain.

You will begin to resolve your feelings associated with survival and death; release the weight of perfection and the sensation you are losing something. 

An awareness of your life's contradictions which have created inner-turmoil, confusion, anxiety, stress AND separation. 


​⫸ Replace surviving life to thriving life with genuine responsibility and accountability. 

Clarity of meaningless focus and the ignored meaningful.

​⫸ You will feel a sense of R.E.S.T. 

ready to step off the stage into the

power of now 

You Want Results... Not Another Course.

You are not here to learn 'a spirituality', you are here to evolve into something different, be something different... live something different.


You will do experiments complimenting the knowledge you will attain to be mindfully aware. Experiencing is empowering and promotes change. With my toolbox of Maia's Liberators... you will know Impermanence, not conceptualize what 'this or that' may feel like. 


This is a 'workshop' fuelled by knowledge and experience you can apply each day after you complete the Enlightenment Beyond Purpose Workshop.  

allow me to

connect you to wholeness

... we hear how the absolute empowerment rests in the power of "now" - yet, can you communicate with sincerity you have and do experience the glorious nature inside impermanence?

... now... daily... through every fleeting moment?

There are many 'delusions' surrounding the power of now. Many experience these collaborating delusions with either an unconscious desire to disconnect or a new age label belief system. Many 'feel' they are awakened from the dream, living a life guided by awareness and yet... they remain slave to their own soul-ego trap. 

Enlightenment Beyond Purpose Workshops are designed to awaken you from "this or that" and step-into the awe-wonder of wholeness beyond a physical attachment and yet ultimately, forever attached to your LIFE FORCE to be ALIVE. 

Impermanence, the Power of Now, IS NOT:


  • the inability to recall information, events, people or situations.

  • the disconnection of dream recall by day and by night.

  • the collective idea to be a 'something' of a destined purpose. 

  • it is not enveloped in past dramas, soul contracts or ethereal guides.

  • definitely, it is not the past directing the present.

  • soul based, holding us to soul-ego traps. 

  • living a life of suitable contradictions. 

  • disconnected from nature, animal life, plant life, nor any organic conscious life-force energy to create itself.

  • neglecting the 'moments' in between our pivoting memories.

Impermanence, the Power of Now, IS:

  • to be awakened... cognisance in the dream of day, as by night.

  • to be aware of the real world and the system of symbols creating a world we have in our mind. 

  • to not confuse symbols with reality.

  • to be one with the dark and light, as one of all creation.

  • spirit based, operating via awareness of an expanding self. 

  • not bounded by human manipulated time, it is stillness time. 

  • to not be immersed in emotional strain of the past.

  • aware the past 'does not' direct the present.

  • to be joyful with all human expressions of isness...!

  • to be the movement of change as expansion!

  • to be the moment of 'now', as all oneness...!

  • to be one with the dynamic of reality...!

Enlightenment Beyond Purpose is a workshop for those READY to release 'what you think' reality IS and READY to embrace the true nature of Being without the shield of attachment and detachment. It is for those READY to 'meet who they are' without the insistent desire of a purpose taunting you to aspire to. It is for those READY to be Awareness...! 

Seek Wholeness
be a catalyst

dream lucidity

... we live in a matrix dominated by masked trickery, corporations, big-pharma and governmental enslaved infrastructures, most of which are examples of and do immoral, bad things.  We have to discern, dissect and intimately collaborate with our-self in how we can thrive in our reality without compromising or betraying our principals and our true morality of being.


In such; we are many face(s) within a matrix outside of our-self, yet a matrix it is which we 'fate' for our-self via the in-side.  We are confronted by a matrix which is indifferent to our individuality as unified splinters, 'baring witness' of and as morality itself.

We are expected to operate in various roles and to do our best to push these roles to impart and integrate change. A change which is nothing more than freedom of the One… your one connected to all one(s).  Sometimes our lives can require us or test us to do things we are not comfortable with doing; what we may not realize...

it is, during these 'sometimes' where we actually are the breath of the One, as the One living free. 

Shifting to change integral consciousness in a human experience is our experience, to be part of something much bigger than the face(s) or role(s).


It is our experience to enhance the human in us, in you... to be free to experience... the whole as One. To be free in reality to be, is your only purpose.

What makes no sense now... will make extraordinary sense after the 'Enlightenment Beyond Purpose' online workshop!

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Impermanence with Maia Pollan

-live free with presence-


Beyond Purpose

​∞ Start Date ∞ 

Tuesday Evenings

January 19, 2022

6 PM to 8 PM (EST)

⫸ Weekly Live Real Time Video Room

⫸ Weekly Assignments and Experiments

 ⫸ Exclusive Private Group Discussion

⫸ Limited participants per class
⫸ Hands-On Support 

$997. CAN

100% Guaranteed Results

*pay in full - save $75.