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Living Consciously and awakening to a free mind has never been easier. If you have a longing to restore your passions, dreams, live life feeling alive, enhance your relationship with yourself and others and... are willing to let go of roles, defences and mind traps… this Live Online 7-week Webinar is for you! 

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If you have a longing to restore your passions, dreams, live life feeling alive, enhance your relationship with yourself, others and the world, and... you are willing to let go of roles, defences and mind traps...

This Live Online 8-week Webinar is for you! 

Our work together is an invitation for you to gracefully shed limitations, find strength in your vulnerability, be at peace in the empowerment of being you and... yes, you will be given a clear directional road-map on how to navigate reality - but how or what you do with this knowledge to put into action is completely up to you!

7A's into Awareness

-7-weeks into-



Dynamic Inter-Active Hands-On Online Webinar

Duration: 8-week(s)

{only 6 participants per class}

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

4 PM - 7PM (PST)


Road Map to Navigating Your Matrix

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What’s Included in the Course:

⫸ Dream Lucidity Polo T-Shirt
⫸ Free Minds Live Free Travel Coffee Mug
⫸ Exclusive 7A’s Notebook
⫸ 2.5 hour scheduled weekly online classes
⫸ Weekly Assignments and Experiments 
⫸ Daily Hands-On Support Dream Labs 
⫸ 1.5 Hour Mind Pathways Session with Maia

⫸ Weekly Live Real Time Online Classes 
⫸ Secure and Private Video platform 
⫸ Only 6 participants per class
Finding Neverland Holosync
Finding Neverland Holosync
... Course Outline ... 

 Module 1 | Week One:

Demystifying Knowledge

Acknowledge Circumstance

Nature of Existence

Vibration Life-Force Cycles

Illusion of Motion

Shifting Matter

Identity Perception

Gain tighter grasp into and of reality.

Module 1 | Week Two:


Breaking Polarity

Attribution Circumstance

Planes of Existence

Altering  Mental States

Identifying Rawness 

Controlled Opposites

Altering Conditions

Optimize your experience of reality

Module 1 | Week Three: 


Switching Channels and Raising Octaves

Allowance Circumstance

Experience of Existence 

Creative Expressions


Blueprint Desires | Vortex Truth

Energy Transmutation 


Module 2 | Week Four: 


Societal and Cultural Programming

Acceptance Circumstance

Planes of Causality  

Expression of Desire

Shadow Boxing

Manifesting Respondents 

Conscious Choice Decision

Law of Attraction

Module 2 | Week Five: 

{all comes together}

Unveil Delusions and False Ego Creations

Awareness Circumstance

Redefining Beliefs

Expose Mirrors and Alter Reflections 

Unveil the Discrete Essence of your True Nature

Power of the Silent Causer(s)

Becoming One with Spirit

The Power of Clarity

Module 2 | Week Six:  


Masterpieces of Reality

Attention Circumstance

Perceptions of Existence

Mental Universe

Holographic Electric Universe 

Destiny Imagination

Illusion of Stillness vs Continuity 

Gnostic Intelligence

The Great Mind | Collective One 

Module 3 | Week Seven: 

Vastness of Infinite-Finite

Appreciation Circumstance

Planes of Simultaneous Gender

Perceptions of Duality and Non-Duality

Manifestation of All Parts

Cosmic Intelligence of Nothingness 

Cosmic Intelligence of Everything-ness

The Unity of I Am as We Are

Module 4 | Week Eight:


Mystery's Philosophy 

Anomaly of Living a Paradox

Testing, validation and verification. 

✹ Private Session Mid-Term ✹

​​​​What can you anticipate after taking our 8-week online course?

  • learn master-keys into the temple of knowledge to reconcile confusion.

  • awaken to quantum language and the impact of it's use. 

  • acquire tools to incorporate into daily life.  ​

  • become a conscious aware human-being of decision.

  • increase awareness to use mind to bring clarity.

  • increase awareness to use heart to focus choice. 

  • increase awareness to use body as the power of presence.

  • restore the meaningless of experience.

  • unlearn to learn new thought-patterns.

  • release the world of indoctrinated belief.​​

  • experience a complete shift of perception.

  • open new doors into how you perceive yourself, others and the world. 

  • ​​a swift, yet, subtle change in relationships, life goals and life interests.​

  •  replace surviving life to create a center-balance of living life.

We cannot be faithful to anything, 

until why we know why,

we should?


This is a dynamic and interactive hands-on LIVE online webinar with a 100% guaranteed transformation experience or you may ask for a 100% refund ‘after’ course completion. I make this guarantee based on previous experience and after over a decade providing this course to others. 


IF you are serious about making a shift, willing to step into the true seeker of life and ready to live life alive to thrive...? Then it’s time to STEP UP and RISE UP to your full potential and remember what is your... inheritance of wisdom.

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Interactive Live Webinar 8-weeks 


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With almost three-decades as a practicing hermetic promoting self-awareness and self-actualization, Maia is a catalyst for dream lucidity. In order to full-fill her role during our emerging new culture on planet earth, Maia has positioned herself as a Life Path Transformation Mentor in Mind Pathways, Emotional Integrity and Polarity Centering.  


Through various self-created tools, personal sessions. workshops and her webinars, she acts as a guide to inspire others to embrace their inherited freedom as Divine Beings of creation, reflecting what is their Truth, rather than the truth of societal and cultural bindings.

With broad waves of experience, Maia is an active, dynamic astral traveller, lucid awakened dreamer, dream-walker, remote viewer, energetic feeler and spirit-heart healer; defined by humility inspiring the best version of herself and others to become, she will show you where to look on your path of self-discovery, but will not tell you what to believe or who you should be. 


Maia has a collective focus to release as many individuals she can from the identity of suffering and into living free. Her experience allows her to connect and share the wisdom inside the holographic universe and the impact knowledge can have to transform lives.

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