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... a practicing hermetic for 30 years, visionary teacher, empathic intuitive,  lucid awakened dreamer, energetic feeler and spirit heart healer — with a degree in clinical social work, cognitive psychotherapy, acting as a certified holistic trauma therapist and as a psychedelic facilitator...


 — guiding with a spin of eccentricity and eclectic flare, with an awareness to be mindfully aware, Maia is a catalyst for dream lucidity. ​

Since 2005, Maia has dedicated her life to guiding others to break through their obstacles and, awaken individuals to their true potential. She does this by identifying and addressing the root causes to their challenges and in many cases, their self-sabotage and suffering. She feels life is too short to be riddled with unhappiness, uncertainty or unfulfilling living. Allow Maia to help you unlearn, acquire, remember and develop the skill-set to be inside the life waiting for you to experience. 

How Maia Can Guide You...

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Awareness is only as expansive as the knowledge which precedes it*

“Dive in! No matter where you think you are in this point of life or this moment, this class offers you enriching, centered information you can integrate right away. As long as you commit to the class, to the assignments and ask questions, you will experience life in a way you never have. Maia provides all the tools you need to succeed. Have fun!”

- Micah Simon


“Maia Pollan through her course provides an in-depth awareness and understanding of what the energies that we are all immersed in and how we can take control of all our energies in any situation of reality and thought.”

- Amar Varma


“I signed up for the Duality of Gender class with Maia. I learned the specific energy traits of masculine and feminine, which were not the societal typical descriptions I grew up with at all. During the class we were told to assign mostly everything to gender. We were also given assignments that started to rewire out thoughts and ideas.  Maia presents space for us to allow the mind to stat transforming and becoming free from the daily programming of the matrix.  Each class is very unique, and can only really be experienced at that moment.  There is great participation among the students encouraged by Maia. The classes were never structured with an agenda.  Each class was free flowing and a meeting of the minds.”

- Johanna Daysel


“Meeting Maia is not by chance but by stars crossing galaxies; their paths visible not from earth only in observing from beyond. She helps lift curtains on hidden rooms within so we further our journey of self-discovery. Come to Maia if you’re done playing safe, if you’re done dipping in shallow pools of promised elixir. When you realize safe shallows offer little substance, come. When, within, you crave the fractured wall and knowing who and what you are, then come. Come to Maia only when you’re ready. She helps others shed their veil. The question for you is, am I ready for Maia’s 7As ?”

- Chuck Floro

South Dakota*

Free.Minds.Live Free.


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Duality Contradictions 

Duality Contradictions line-up with our Lifestyle Obsessions in an extremely powerful way. When we become aware of our daily and choice contradictions, we have an opportunity to further align into the trueness of who we are. Consequentially, our contradictions are the sole factor creating mass confusion and mis-alignment in our human to spirit living lives.

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