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Spirit and Science Based Approach


Reconnecting to the Wholeness of Life

Discovery Session with Maia Pollan

Re-wire deeply embedded patterns. either learned or experienced via memory to instil new ones; remove blocks, unhealthy habits,  repeated events and emotional trauma. Let go to recognize false beliefs untrue to your nature, and break free from elements holding you back in life. Mind Pathways Intense is especially effective for those whom are challenged by depression, pain management, post traumatic stress (PTSD) and isolation. 

Includes: Polarity Centering

'Guaranteed Results are offered with Mind Pathways Intense Private Sessions'

Petty Patterns weighing us down causing us to re-live similar feelings or experiences are in-fact, our poles stagnant and unchanging. Over-time, this stagnation creates mis-alignment and contradictory states of being. These unconscious states cause us to be subconsciously addicted to attracting people or events which may be unsatisfactory to what we would like to experience.


Polarity Centering invites a lighter and more aligned life experience.

When our Poles are aligned it creates a state of mind complimenting your feelings without emotional stories taking the reigns unconsciously in your subconscious to guide your life. 

Relationship and Family Challenges | $160.

Our approach to relationships is with sensitivity and realistic guidance on how to move forward regardless the circumstances you are facing; allowing you to feel confident and empowered.

can find it hard to communicate with friends or family about our personal relationships to avoid unsettling opinions, embarrassment or disappointments. It is for this reason we seek out a judgement free zone with someone who cares about 'you' and your personal development from an angle of no direct involvement.

Reclaim Life | Step-out-of Mundane | 4x 75 mins Sessions | $1275

We are all born with greatness inside! We have enormous abilities and inherited wisdom waiting to be tapped into... yet often, many of us become wrapped up in life's shadows and tribulations or simply, caught in the mundane routines of something living life for us.


For a Spirit Quest to Revive You, into experiencing the true side of who you really are for positive impact, it needs to trigger those inner-desires waiting to be experienced. This is where Maia comes into your life, with a keen insight to inspire you to make those shifts beyond your struggles and replace your life with opportunity, freshness and a new found way of living your dreams. 

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Who is: Maia Pollan 

... a practicing physical alchemist and hermetic, active astral traveller, lucid awakened dreamer, energetic feeler and spirit heart healer coaching with a spin of eccentricity and an eclectic flare, complimented with an awareness to be mindfully aware... Maia is a catalyst for dream lucidity. 


Maia assists others to transcend conventional societal bindings by revealing to them their divine gifts. She personifies a higher vibrational-frequency of inner-standing within the cosmic dance, and in-such, that by embodying our shared magnificent 'I am' and 'We Are', we find together the true path towards personal and collective transformation; to inspire a brave new world. 

Since 2005, Maia has actively been guiding others to break through the obstacles holding them back in life. She cannot imagine herself in any other position than assisting others to live their lives without the need for suffering. She feels life is too short to be riddled with unhappiness, uncertainty or unfulfilling living.  Allow her to help you unlearn, acquire, remember and develop the skill-set to be inside the life waiting for you to experience.

She encourages the anti-vanity campaign and in-such, we can work together as a team cropping farms, as oppose to one lonely farmer. 

What People Say...

Maia is an enigma gift-wrapped in silk with a bouquet of flowers as the bow. Her vibration lifts you up out of your dreary 3D confines and teleports you across the Universe and into the arms of dreamy smiles and possibilities. Through conversation, coaching, meditations, inspired writing, poetry, and artsy twinkles she will dazzle your evolution and provoke your ascension. It is never a dull moment when she graces you with her light, but hold on tight for she sets the destination among the stars and turns you into the space ship! 

—Chris Darroch Biggs - Newfoundland *February 2013

Meeting Maia is not by chance but by stars crossing galaxies; their paths visible not from earth only in observing from beyond. She helps lift curtains on hidden rooms within so we further our journey of self-discovery. Come to Maia if you’re done playing safe, if you’re done dipping in shallow pools of promised elixir. When you realize safe shallows offer little substance, come. When, within, you crave the fractured wall and knowing who and what you are, then come. Come to Maia only when you’re ready. She helps others shed their veil. The question for you is, am I ready for Maia’s 7As ?

—Chuck Floro - Wilmont, South Dakota *March 2016

WOW'S Empowering, enlightening, Freeing, Refreshing, AmaZing, TotalLY Unplugging.... Maia Pollan from the comfort of Your home Happens with the most Loving 7 week course for ALL in their spiritual Journey. Spiritual Awareness Extraordinaire!!! A MUST, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED... With everything upside down and backwards...A huge AHA FROM BEING A PAWN, to being a CAUSER, Loved it, she is a GEM~

—Maia Ray - Sedona, AZ *March 2016